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In June of 1989 the Lord laid on the hearts of a small group of people the need to start a new church and Christian school. After many weeks of prayer and planning, Cornerstone Baptist Church and Christian School were born. CCS is a ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church and provides young people with a sound Christian education while maintaining high academic standards.

According to Deuteronomy 6, the responsibility for providing a Christian education ultimately lies with parents. CCS simply assists the home and church in teaching and training young people. The intricate bond of the home, church, and school provides and excellent basis for Christian education. Cornerstone is a Christian school by conviction, not by name alone.

The administration's desire is to give each student the maximum knowledge of academic subjects and the essentials of culture in light of God's Word. Any parent with different educational or spiritual expectations for his children other than those stated above, is likely to be dissatisfied with the program at Cornerstone. Rules, standards, and regulations are in effect to help see that things are done decently and in order and in accordance with the administration's understanding of the Word of God. CCS will not retain any student whose attitude, academic performance, or actions are not in harmony with school policies, and expects full cooperation from both parents and students in its educational and disciplinary policies.

  • Entering 18th Year
  • Over 100 graduates including: Preachers, Youth Pastors, Pharmacists, Computer Programmers, Teachers, Businessmen ...
  • Some preachers who have spoken at Cornerstone over the years include: Sammy Allen, Mike Allison, Joe Arthur, Kevin Brownfield, Morris Gleiser, Dan Hawtree, Jody Jenkins, Joel Logan, Tom Messer, Monroe Parker, Mike Peletier, Steve Pettit, K C Poole, Steve Roberson, Barry Webb, and many others ...
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